2016 CCLD Teacher of the Year Award

Heather Creech


The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities (CCLD) awarded the 2016 Teacher of the Year to Heather Creech.  Heather is currently a speech-language pathologist and special education generalist in the Student Achievement Services Department at Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, CO.

“My classroom presents as a unique community of learners that varies in demographics, academic abilities, and learning styles. My role as a teacher is to equip my students with the academic tools and the independence they need to become caring, contributing members of society.   To accomplish this goal, I act as a guide, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information.  My goal is to inspire them to remain focused on their strengths so they have more control over their world than they have ever had before. Given opportunities in a safe and supportive environment, students construct knowledge by building self-assurance so that they can discover answers for themselves and practice and refine reading and writing skills in authentic situations.”

“Heather is the teacher students will think back on as the teacher they knew cared for them, the one they remember as the most important adult in their high school career.  She is the one past graduates will return to say hello and let her know how they are doing, because they know she wants to know and she still cares.   Heather is a teacher who sets a tone for the department that teaching in special education begins and ends with caring for students.”     – Mark Semmler, Special Education Coordinator

“Heather Creech has been my daughter, Clarissa’s, case manager for the last two years at Cherry Creek High School.  Clarissa succeeded at Cherry Creek despite her learning challenges.  Heather encourages her to stretch herself and to ‘push’ her limits but provides warmth and compassion in doing so.   When Clarissa started to lose her hearing last year, Heather made sure that everything was ‘handled’ from the people we needed to contact with at the school to the review of the IEP to accommodate her hearing loss.”

As a case manager, Heather’s desire to help her students achieve their goals is evident in her persistence, creativity, and knowledge of high school and post high school options.  She meets regularly with her students to assess current classroom performance, reteach material, and create long-term goals.   Even as the challenges and stresses of the job build, Heather is the picture of optimism and positivity.”    – Annemarie Dempsey, Co-work at Cherry Creek High School

The Colorado Council for Learning Disabilities is honored to recognize Heather Creech as our 2016 Teacher of the Year.